Why Rats Start Infestation Essay

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Rats are taking over. Rat populations have increased and rats are everywhere. Rats are strong, so it is taking great efforts to stop them. Weather is starting to affect the species too. Why do rats start infestations? Rats are also going after the food, leaving starvation and destruction in their wake. In Britain, the cold has made rats desperate for safety. When the winter and rain start, it becomes a dangerous combination to the rats. Since these rodents want warmer climates they are becoming bolder. They run anywhere they can for warmth and safety. Heavy rainfall has caused them to leave the sewers and run into buildings. In India, the rats came because of the bamboo. The bamboo was a nice meal for the rat hordes. In Texas the rats and mice are using burned vegetation to hide from predators. With good food sources and safety they started to reproduce very quickly. The rodents were everywhere and didn't seem intent on leaving.
The rats invade everywhere eating everything. In Texas, the rats destroyed everything: wires, pipes, water hoses, cars,
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In Texas, people have trained dogs and cats to kill the rodents. They also used traps, removed food and water, and used rodenticides to kill rats. In Britain on the other hand, the cold and floods have dealt with a good deal of rats. Besides that, Britain doesn’t do much to stop the rats. India is a different story entirely because the plant life there is helping. The plants that the vermin come after are dying off and seed before the rats come. Because of the seeding, natives have a window of time where they can prepare before the rats come. Though it is hard because it seems as if the rats work together, over 2.6 million rats were caught between June and September by a group of people. Another method that helped were the publishing of books that explained how to fight off the rats. Though the people were fighting, they were having a very hard

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