Why Prisons Are Becoming A Business Or A Place For Treat Criminals As Slaves

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The article discusses whether prisons are becoming a business or a place to treat criminals as slaves. The United States houses more prisoners than any other country. According to Schmalleger, he states “The incarceration rate for state and federal prisoners sentenced to more than a year has reached 500 prisoners for every 100,000 U.S residents” (2014). This is one out of every two hundred people in the United States. It is given that this number will continue to rise as the years pass. However, if the criminal rates are dropping then why are criminal rates climbing? Prisons are an industry that needs those prisoners to make money. If there was no one getting incarcerated, then there would be no money made. The projected cost to incarcerate an inmate in prison for 2013 is 55,551. The philosophy of prisons today is based the justice model which emphasizes individual responsibility. It believes that imprisonment is seen as a deserved consequence of criminal behavior. There are a number of historical factors that could be the reasoning behind why there are so many people in jail. Due to there being so many criminals, the articles states that it seems as though it is almost a business that has wealthy investors. Although this may be true that the prison system serves an as income for corporations, the high prison rates may be due to the fact that there is an increased use of punishments for drug felonies, the three strikes legislation and the elimination of good behavior…

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