Essay on Why My Communication Was Successful With The Barista

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that I should have been more specific in this journal entry. I needed to explain how and why my communication was successful with the barista. My communication with the barista was successful because we were both clear, and got our message across to one another. In my third journal entry I talked about how my friend and I had a miscommunication through electronic messages. From this experience I learned how easily communication can be misinterpreted, and how important it is to be clear and specific when communicating. There was another journal entry on 9/28 where I talked about my experience communicating with the employees at a business that fixes cell phones. The employees never got back to me when they said they would, which taught me about being proactive when communicating because I had to reach out to them several times. In my next journal on 10/5 I discussed a time when I stepped out of my comfort zone and helped bartend for a school fundraiser. This experience taught me about nonverbal communication because I was able to pick up on the body language and tone of voice of the customers while serving them. In my journal entry from 10/12 I wrote about how I dislike speaking up in class class because of my fear of public speaking. I talked about time when I was called on to answer a question, and at first I was nervous but I was evetnually able to come up with a response. Public speaking has never been easy for me and it probably never will, but I am learning that with…

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