Essay about Why Marx Was Right By Terry Eagleton

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“Socialism is rape and capitalism is consensual sex”. That is the type rhetoric we hear from conservative capitalists. They feel that any encroachment on their free market system, not only takes away part of their civil liberties but will also lead them to economic disaster. The author of Why Marx Was Right, offers a different viewpoint. Terry Eagleton believes that many of Karl Marx’s ideas were sound, and that he was simply misunderstood. He also believes that since the advent of Marx’s ideas, those who have attempted to enact his principles have misconstrued what his ideals truly stood for. In Why Marx Was Right, Terry Eagleton tries to refute ten common objections people have towards Marx and Marxism. Each chapter focuses on one of these objections, therefore Mr. Eagleton has provided ten different arguments of varying degrees in support of Marxism.
This essay will be focused on one of his refutations as opposed to delving into all ten. Mainly the focus of this essay will be on Mr. Eagleton’s belief that Marxism is not relevant today, because people figured out they could never win against capitalism (Eagleton, 2011). He argues that it was not because we moved towards a post-industrial society, but it was the realization that people could not beat the powerful capitalist system along with the lack of faith in an alternative system that caused people to give up (Eagleton, 2011). The notion that people stopped fighting against capitalism, solely because they…

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