Essay about Why Liberal Arts Is Important And Relevant Today 's Society

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“I can’t go to a liberal-arts college. My parents are conservatives!” I told my eighth grade teacher. He laughed and then went on to explain what a liberal-arts college actually is. Like many others, I believed a common misperception about the liberal-arts. In “The New Liberal Arts” by Sanford J. Ungar, the writer explains wrong ideas about the liberal-arts to a college-based audience including students, professors, and administration. He explains the importance and relevance of a liberal-arts education. Ungar claims that it is a better investment than narrow, specific technical training because it prepares students for career placement by giving them skills in communicating effectively, thinking creatively, and understanding comprehensively. I agree with Ungar and I think he successfully explains the reasons why liberal arts are important and relevant in today’s society.
First, the logic of the article focuses on why students should have a balanced, well-rounded understanding of the world we live in to be successful in life rather than having a career-based education that is only focused on one aspect. There were no obvious fallacies found in Ungar’s argument beyond the generalization about costs for all colleges thus not focusing primarily on the financial situation.
Additionally, Ungar uses a 2009 survey for the Association of American Colleges and Universities to reveal that “more than three-quarters of our nation’s employers recommend that college-bound students…

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