Why Jackson Was Not Medical Bill Essay

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Jackson had only returned to the basement around four in the morning. He had spent the night participating in three muggings and after the profits were split amongst the four of them and the bouncers that "looked the other way", Jackson walked off with fifty dollars. It was a nice sized score for a night 's work and on top of whatever he would make tonight, it would probably sustain him for most of the week. Jackson wasn 't a smart spender. He didn 't set aside any money for any "emergency" things that might come up. He would be screwed if he somehow found himself kicked out of the basement or had to pay for something like an unexpected medical bill, but he didn 't really care. He didn 't see any use in trying to feel financially secure when he was homeless, the epitome of the exact opposite of financially secure. Why should he set aside money for a pretend medical bill when he spent his days destroying his liver and lungs with alcohol and marijuana? There was no use in trying to save up money for the deposit on an apartment because he would never be able to save that much. On average, he made around three hundred dollars a week. There were weeks when he would score big with a full wallet or a bracelet that happened to have some real gold in it, but other weeks where he would be too lazy to even try to make a dollar. The three hundred dollars he usually made was almost always completely gone by the week 's end. Most of it didn 't go to anything that would be deemed a…

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