History Of Jerusalem: Central And Holy Land Of The Jewish People

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Jerusalem is the central and holy land of the Jewish people, although its past is anything but righteous. How is it that such a holy place can be victim to such violence, yet remain the epicenter of an entire religion? Jews once flocked to Jerusalem to visit the temples and even when those temples had been destroyed, the remained faithful to their holy land. Reasons as to why can be negotiated, but the historical lineage of Jerusalem and Israel is one that will always tie Judaism to its central holy place. The Jewish people are held to God by a covenant and anything that derives from that covenant is sacred and valuable to them. One main reason Jerusalem remains so important to the Jewish people, is that they see the land as gifted to them by God. Jews believe that God had gifted them with this land to inhabit, and that alone will keep it sentimental in the eyes of their people. King David made Jerusalem the capital of his kingdom, and erected temples in its midst to pay tribute to their god. Although Israel had been taken over many times, Jews refused to give up their ties to the land and even allowed worship of false gods in order to survive the raids of the Assyrians. Despite the
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When the covenant is broken, God revokes his promise and he did so in a time that affected the holy city of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel. The Jewish people remain faithful to their historical holy land, as it was the epicenter of their entire religion, but are now able to uphold their faith wherever they may be. This holy land will always remain the same in the eyes of the Jews, and there will always be a goal among the Jewish people to one day to return there. God’s punishment only strengthened the Jewish faith, and made it clear that the Covenant must be upheld by both parties in order to achieve the ultimate religious

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