Essay about Why Is Education A Social Justice And Right For Each Child?

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After reviewing the problem on the literature, conducting the primary research, documenting the outcome, the remaining work is what Martens, (2008) called that the global basis challenges with the demand of recognizing that “addressing issues of power, discrimination, and oppression can play a key role in redressing inequities.” That requires accompanied proof of studies exemplifying possible social change specifically when people who conduct research collaborate with evaluators with the intention of bringing change (p. 3) leading to an environment where people:
• Value and respect the marginalized groups as equal individual being.
• Live social justice and human right for the wellbeing of all is observed.
• Understand that education is a social justice and right for each child
• Create a culture of respect towards others where the poor can earn a space in the institutional setting and become agents who can change their own situation from within the community.
• Concern about the poor children and families and seek to eliminate the situation
• View corruption as enemy of social justice, human right, and development
5. 2. 1 Policy Influence and Initial Action for Improvement During the course of this work, I have argued compellingly that Tanzania is not a poor country. The problem lies how the people responsible in the public spheres protect resources to benefit the people entrusted under their leadership. This is to suggest that the increased capacity as (Baker, et al.,…

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