Why Is Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Is Pure Evil

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There is a good and a bad in every story. The famous idea of having an angel and a devil on one’s shoulders is the main focus in the novel In The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Henry Jekyll is a well known and respected scientist who does dangerous experiments. One of his experiments created a clone of himself, but only his evil side. Whenever he takes the special potion he created, Henry Jekyll turns into a new man. This man he created was Edward Hyde. After Hyde is created, the rest of Jekyll’s days are spent fighting off Hyde’s attempts to control the body. Stevenson shows how the bad temptations in life can consume one’s being and stop their will to control the devil on their shoulder.
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He is being physically affected, but does not even care. “Small indeed was my appetite” (48). This potion clearly has a negative effect on him, proven here. even though he suffers, he continues to do it. He admits that he knows Hyde is a terrible person and is a negative influence on the entire community, but he is being very selfish here. “And Edward Hyde alone, in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil” (45). He knows hyde is evil, and this should trigger an alarm but he is too fascinated with his work to even think about that too deeply. He sometimes ponders that issue, but never considers it a big deal. There are physical traits that should set off alarms about Hyde and changing into him, but that simple relief is too much to not bear. Hyde is his drug and he is …show more content…
In the story, those sides are good and evil. Both are essential, but a good balance is necessary. Dr. Jekyll loses that balance early on and never gets it back, eventually leading to his death. He is addicted to getting rid of his anger all at once, he does not have the patience to release it little by little. It just shows how powerful a little temptation can be. Although not every situation will be life or death, this is one of the most extreme examples, but it proves how much someone’s life can change if they are not thinking of both the good and bad

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