Essay about Why I Write A Simple Writing

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Sitting down in front of a blank page is a daily occurrence in my young life. Ideas flow from mind to hand and then onto that blank page as my hand makes small gestures. Adventures of the impossible seek their way into every letter forming words that in turn create worlds. I find writing fantastical dream worlds onto thin sheets of paper is an enjoyable, yet tedious, task that I find I do well.
Why I choose to write is simple. Creative writing is fun. All I need to write is an idea. One that excites my very being to the point that my heart beats out of control. Topics can range from a little farm isolated from the whole world to a full blown crime scene with a scheme that seems too surreal to be possible. Jotting down these fantasies brings them to life and pulls me into a world that I would normally never experience in real life, at least, not with the current technology we have. If a particular subject stood out to me, I could spend hours scribbling on lined paper nonstop. Sometimes the story takes on a life of its own and surprises me with the outcome. Even when the story I create does not make sense in any shape or form, I continue to write. To my mind, made up stories always finds a way to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Practice allows me to do just that and continue building the labyrinth of words filled with twists and turns that is called, in literary terms, the plot.
In creative writing pieces, I like to believe rules do not limit the writer of what to…

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