Why I Didn 't Become A Country Essay

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When you picture the men who founded America as a country, what comes to mind? Does a familiar picture that you saw in all of your history books of older gentlemen in powdered wigs standing around the Declaration of Independence come to mind? Before reading Founding Fathers Reconsidered, I had that picture in mind just like the rest of our generation. I did not realize how much they really differed in every aspect of everything which included; physical aspects, mindset, and the fact that they were not the perfect worshipped figures that our history books paint them to be. They did the best that they could do for their time, but we should remember that they are still just human like us. Firstly, they differed in physical traits than what we would associate them with. For example, they were a variety of ages, ranging from Alexander Hamilton at age eleven to Benjamin Franklin at age sixty. Not only that, but they all had different traits that we might not associate them with. Benjamin Franklin was actually a “polished, suave, diplomatic figure who had made himself the most admired American in the world” (13). Americans as a whole seem to see him as the man who discovered electricity, but he is so much more than just that. Not only did they differ in their ages and traits, but also in their occupations. Furthermore, history proves that George Washington “was a [veteran and] a wealthy Virginia planter”, John Adams was a “rising member of the Massachusetts bar”, Thomas Jefferson…

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