Why I Didn 't Anybody Tell Me That We Were Dating? Essay

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"Why didn 't anybody tell me that we were dating?" I asked, frustrated.
"You guys acted like you were dating. Like come on, barely any of us even stayed friends and only see each other once a month so it means a lot when you and Blake buy apartments to live near each other. It was kind of obvious that you two were dating" she explained.
Blake attached his mouth to my neck, sucking on a hickey he had already put there and I sighed. "Blake, stop it. You 're making Haleigh uncomfortable."
"No, by all means, ignore me. You guys can do the sex, just pretend I 'm not here. I 'll supervise. I 'm sure you guys are sex deprived after staying at your parents house" she said, shifting in her seat.
Blake pulled away, quickly kissing my neck lightly, before talking. "Baby, she 's right."
"How is she right? We literally just had sex" I said, leaning backwards on him and resting my head on his chest.
"You guys should film it and give it to me... You know, for research and science and stuff" she said.
"Haleigh, you 're really interesting" Blake said and started massaging my shoulders.
"I 'm ordering Chinese" I said, dialling the number.
As I was ordering the food, I felt Blake lightly suck on a different spot on my neck and I let out a moan.
"Sorry, what was that?" The man that worked at the Chinese restaurant asked.
I pushed Blake 's head away from me. "Babe, stop it."
"Excuse me?" The voice came through the phone.
I had to apologise to the man, telling him that I wasn 't…

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