Why Groups Might Join A Gang Essay

1148 Words Feb 19th, 2016 null Page
1. There are many different reasons why individuals might join a gang. According to organized crime, we all have what is called cognitive R.A.M. or random access memory. It is the ability to process information just like a computer. Therefore, everyone is programmed differently and has different ways to process information in this world. Furthermore, how we process information is mainly determined how we were raised. Those particular individuals who are raised around gangs such as the Mafia are more likely to join their brothers, sisters and friends in that gang because that’s how they were raised. Children in certain city areas may feel weak and alone, which could cause them to join a gang in order to feel superior or strong. If people are poor and need fast cash, that’s is another reason to join a gang in order to sell drugs and commit robberies. However, even those with wealth and power like government officials can be forced or bullied into joining a particular gang in ways of blackmail or the gang could threaten their family. Furthermore, education can play a huge role on why individuals join gangs because if that person does not have education he can easily be persuaded into joining a gang. I believe it is all about how we are hardwired and where we live that makes the biggest impact on if we will be a part of gang life. Citizens of Chicago may have a higher chance of being bullied into a gang than people in Mississippi. Gang life is all over Chicago, but we really…

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