Why Grandpa Is The Most Eccentric Essay

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You Can’t Take It With You, the play script theme is how in life we usually tend to work in the field that we think will make us the most money, but in reality they do not make us happy. The Vanderhof and Sycamores believe in being happy the most. The majority of them do not have real jobs except for Alice who works for the Wall Street Journal. The most eccentric of the Vanderhof-Sycamores family is Martin Vanderhof the Grandpa. One reason why I think that Grandpa is the most eccentric is because he does not think he has to pay his income taxes. Most people know that it is required to pay their income taxes and Grandpa thinks that income taxes are not serious. He is nonchalant when he receives the letters from the United States Government. Also, when Mr. Henderson comes to tell him that he can go to jail for not paying his income taxes, Grandpa is not to concern. This is eccentric to me because most people are terrified when the government contacts them especially when they do not pay their taxes. This is a serious crime and Grandpa acts like he does not care. The other reason why I think that Grandpa is eccentric is because he is fine with pretending that he is dead when in reality he is not. Grandpa gives his name to the milkman who lived with them who died. He does not think that it is weird, that people think he is dead, but instead uses this to his advantage to get out of paying his taxes. This is eccentric to me, because most people do not want to be…

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