Why Germany Lost the First World War Essay

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Why Germany lost the First World War
The First World War ended with the triple entente as victorious (with help from the Americans). Some reasons to why the allies won the war were because of; Germany had to fight a war on two fronts, the unstable political situation in Germany, the allied naval blockade, German economy, failure of the schlieffen plan, interception of the Zimmerman telegram, the German naval blockade on Britain (sinking of American ships), development of the tank and anti-submarine weapons, the advancement of new technology that required new tactics.
The Naval blockade
The British blockade was a key factor in the defeat of Germany. Starved of supplies, the German army was weakened and the German people lost some of
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Also the Germans used poison gas (first used in Spain) to fight the enemy this weapon was very effective in the war, yet this weapon was unreliable due to its dependence on the direction of the wind. Since if there was a sudden change of direction in the wind the poison that was just released could be swept back against the Germans. Due to the circumstances of the war as it changed from a quick and rapid war to a static war with the use of trench warfare and competition of modern weaponry.

Failure of the Schlieffen plan
The German plan was to sweep towards France thinking that Russia would be very slow in mobilizing its troops. The plan was to sweep in through Belgium (Germany thought that there was not going to meet any resistance from Belgium and also not it did not think that it would be violating the treaty of London), then sweep in towards Paris and invade France. After France had been invaded they would direct their forces towards Russia whom they thought would be very slow mobilizing its troops.
The Germans were wrong about the Belgians, the Russians and the English. The Belgians put up great resistance there by slowing the advance of the German troops. The Russian army was a lot quicker to mobilize than expected so now Germany was ending up doing what they wanted to do the least fight a war on two fronts. The Belgians slowed down the German troops long enough for the entente troops

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