Why Elderly People Are More Most Fatal For Older People Than Middle Aged Drivers

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Another reason why health is a huge factor when it comes to deciding if elders should have their doctor’s consent when renewing their license is due to the fragility that usually increases with age. With fragility, comes a higher risk in motor vehicle accidents becoming very severe or fatal. According to Joanne G. Schwartzberg, MD, director of Aging and Community Health at the American Medical Association, “The problem is that when the elderly are involved in an accident, it 's likely to be fatal,” and diseases that strike more elders such as osteoporosis make aging bodies more fragile (qtd. in Slomski). Dr. Schwartzberg reveals a very crucial point when explaining why elderly people are more susceptible to fatal crashes. While any accident could be fatal not solely because of health reasons, but of any multiple factors, I found support in Dr. Schwartzberg’s point that more accidents turn fatal for older people than middle-aged drivers. An article in a Consumer Reports, had an eye-opening statistic that revealed how often elderly drivers get into fatal crashes per mile driven when compared to middle-aged drivers. I was shocked to read that elderly drivers had, “5.5 times as many fatal crashes per mile driven as middle-¬aged drivers” (“Reasons Why Teenagers and Older People Are the Riskiest Drivers”). For me, seeing this numerical value detailing how elders have more fatal crashes when compared to middle-aged drivers struck me because it revealed how a crash could be more…

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