Why Do Voters Behave They Way They Do? Essay

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Why do voters behave they way they do?

Voting behaviour is a form of political behaviour and has been examined and analysed by all parties in order to try and win elections. In order to examine voting behaviour close enough to answer the question in hand I am going to split it down into two questions. Why affects voting choice? And why do people not vote at all i.e. why is voting turn out down? For both questions I will consider arguments for several different factors. Ultimately I believe people voting choice is affected by education and media and I argue turn out is down because of a lack of trust in voting systems leading to a general disengagement with politics. This latter argument is the biggest factor affecting voting behaviour.
Overall voter turnout is down at elections across all modern democracies. In the UK it has plateaued at around 65% in the last two elections, a fall more figures as high as 78% in the 1990’s. Similar patterns occur in the USA and across Europe. Everyone over a certain age has the right to vote in a modern democracy so why do some people chose not to exercise that right. One of the reasons that people don’t vote may be the poor voting systems. First past the post for as used in the UK leads to very poor representation. Since you only need one more vote than the next candidate to win, less than 2/3’s of MP’s have 50% support from their constituency. If you vote for the candidate that didn’t win then your vote is worth nothing at all and there…

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