Why Do Nations Go to War Essay

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Ofelia Vives

Gladys Porter High School

English III AP

11th Grade

Why fighting when there is communication

War is always a matter of doing evil in the hope good may come of it. While the killing of a person is a crime and it’s punishable, but indeed war is not even though thousands of innocents die for it. War is something that happens when communication fails between two or more nations. Reasons why war occurs varies from country from country, but often is generated by territorial, religious, and economically purposed, and these factors could be easily solved diplomatically without the need of war.

Primary purpose why nations fight each other is for territorial expansion, this happen when a country wants to take
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Countries want to prosper economically regardless of the other country devastation; they only care in how war is going to benefit them (becoming rich and powerful). World War II is involved with this factor; for example, the Japanese attacked the Manchuria for oil, they only wanted to take control over to benefit from this product. The United States went to war, because Pearl Harbor was attacked, but the major reason was that a depression was hitting to hard. At the same time to aid the war effort many programs were instituted in the country for people to work in factories to produce weapons, and they work to aid in the victory for the United States. The result of this war is that the country over come the depression and strived financially and economically.

War is an instrument to expand economic power by destroying the national institutions, and people of the victimized nation. Wars separate and destroy families, joy, and happiness that God has granted us, and wars only fill people’s heart with hatred, fear, and deception for ours neighbor instead of love, and unity. Why fighting for territorial, when the earth doesn’t belong to any one, it’s God’s and we have no right to posses it neither to built artificial borders. Why fighting for religious belief, we are born free to choose what ever we want to believe and we have no business to change people’s mind. Why fighting to become economically

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