Essay about Why Do Feminists Burn Their Bras?

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Since my junior year of high school I have gladly proclaimed myself as a feminist in the simplest of terms. When pressed on the issue I would stand my ground and proclaim that society was inherently misogynistic and women have to work twice as hard to get only a fraction of what a male earns. When the guys asked “why do feminists burn their bras?” I would scoff at them and explain how not all feminists believe in those ideals. Feminism, to me, was just the basic equality of gender. I simply wanted to be treated exactly like my male counter parts. Why should women have to work more just to earn less and to be questioned along the way? Four years later here I am writing a reflective essay on a topic I thought to be an expert on, since all women are experts on feminism and how all women feel about it. One of the first sentences in Bell Hook’s books “Feminism is for Everybody” states that “Simply put, feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression” (Hooks 1). Still at the age of 21 I agree with this notion of feminism. Personally my favorite chapter was “Consciouness-Raisng. A constant change of Heart” it starts off with the idea that “Feminist are made, not born” ( hooks 7). Hook’s the goes on and explains how the feminist became a “politicized sister-hood” (Hooks 11). I personally found this chapter interesting since it outlines how mainstream feminism came to be and how it was really for a long time focused on the middle-class white female.…

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