Why Did The Populist Movement Fail? Essay

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Who were the Populists, what did they represent, why did the populist movement fail? These questions have been some of the greatest controversies of American History.
Who exactly were the populists? In the early 1890s many farmers, laborers, and middle class activists came together to form their own independent political party which they called the People 's Party, or in other terms often referred to as the Populist Party. The party was a result of multiple social movements which occurred due to the changes in the American economy and its society (American Populism: An Overview of Populism). The Populist Party meant that they worked for reform, they would do this by trying to influence the two major parties of this era, the Democrats and the Republicans (American Populism: Populists Politics: The Business of Government). One of the biggest revolutions in this time period was the telecommunications which caused our massive world to decrease greatly in size. It was not just the telecommunications that grew corporate power grew at an extreme rate as well. Corporate executives gained mass fortunes even though everyone else in the country was struggling (American Populism: An Overview of Populism). In 1890 the Populists had won control of the Kansas state legislature. Kansan William Peffer became the party 's very first U.S. Senator. Finally in 1892, the national party was founded through a merge of the Farmers ' Alliance and the Knights of Labor (1896: The People 's Party).…

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