Essay on Why Did the 1905 Revolution Fail

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Why did the 1905 revolution fail?
One of the main reasons that the 1905 revolution failed was because the October Manifesto merely only satisfied the middle classes’ appetite for reform. However this was only a short term change in government therefore it was not really a revolution because the changes were not permanent. To add, the readiness of the liberals to accept the government’s political and economical bribes indicted that they were not genuinely ready for a revolution at this time. Furthermore the duma did not have as much power as the tsar portrayed them to have. They were not able to pass laws and did not have any control on the state’s finance. To add, another reason why the 1905 revolution failed was because after the
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It split the opposition which was their intention and took power away from the revolution. The middle class were easily appeased by the duma and were happy to go back to living as they were before. The first two dumas were dominated by SD’S and SR’S which made the new assembly strong anti- government. However, the Tsar needed the dumas to continue, so after the first two dumas they made sure the third and fourth were supportive the Tsarist regime so they could still uphold their right to rule.
This shows how the Tsarist government was a big factor as to why the 1905 revolution failed because they gave the people a false sense of people power.

Another main reason why the 1905 revolution failed was because the peasants felt alienated by the tsarist regime.
The tsar were aware of this and knew they had to bring the countryside under control. In order to appease the peasants the tsar announced that mortgage repayments would be reduced and then abolished however this resulted in land seizure and lawlessness
In order to restore the relationship between the tsar and the peasants, Stolypin wanted to buy up land to make the peasants efficient. He intended to produce a growing class of alienated peasants. However there was no real chance of reform because the Russian peasantry was so backwards and Stolypin had so little time to change things.
This shows why 1905 revolution failed because

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