Essay on Why Cora Is A Rehabilitation Center

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CORA rehab

One of the many locations that CORA health services are offered is in Coral Gables. CORA is a rehabilitation center that is passionate about helping patients achieve their recovery goals. All the clinicians at CORA are trained to develop an individualized treatment plan based on the specific needs of the patient and also to motivate them towards their goals. Some of the rehabilitation programs offered at CORA are physical and occupational therapy, sports injury, worker’s comp, auto injury and rehabilitation for seniors. Most of CORA’s Occupational Therapists are hand therapist, specifically trained to rehabilitate injuries of the hand and upper extremity.
CORA is open Monday thru Thursday from 7am-7pm and on Friday from 7am-6pm but is closed Saturday and Sunday. Transportation to the clinic is provided by the clients own medical insurance if applicable. The rehab center is equipped with aerobic/cardiovascular reconditioning machines, weights for building muscular endurance, rehab treatment tables, exercise balls and all kinds of rehabilitation devices and tools. The type of clients observed on the week of observation seen by Occupational therapy at CORA were mostly adults with diagnosis’s of rotator cuff tears, distal radial fractures, adhesive capsulitis, trigger finger and carpal tunnel. The age ranges seen in this rehab facility are mostly all adults and geriatrics but occasionally some adolescence here and there but rarely under the age of 16. The cultural…

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