Why Columbus ' Discovery Of The Americas Essays

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If a foreigner came to your land, claimed it as theirs, reaped it of all it’s resources, and killed off millions of your kind either directly, through wars and pillaging, or indirectly, through diseases and alien animals, would you be complacent at all with them being praised as a hero of their time? In this paper, reasons why Columbus’ discovery of the Americas did not make the world a better place will be explained. Native Americans were killed in the millions, alien plants and animals wiped out native foliage and game, and with the sudden boom of sugar, tobacco, and cotton plantations, slave demand grew exponentially. One excellent example of why Columbus’ discovery of the Americas had a negative impact was the immense decimation of Native American population over the course of the Conquest of the Americas. In one century, the population in Central America decreased by 24 million due wars, disease, and general homicide. When smallpox was brought over to the Americas by explorers like Columbus, Pizarro, and many others didn’t have to fight all of their wars themselves. Smallpox spread like a wildfire in a parched forest, decimating 90% of the overall population in the Americas. When Pizarro first made contact, he took down almost the entire Inca Empire with smallpox; dismantling a vast empire in the making. Not only did Europeans introduce smallpox, they brought over measles, mumps, malaria, and many more, with only the possibility of Native Americans introducing…

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