Essay on Why Co Sleeping Is Not Completely Risk Free

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Yet co-sleeping is not entirely risk free. While the general act of co-sleeping is not dangerous, there are a variety of factors that can make it dangerous and even life threatening for an infant. In many cases these risks are written too broadly in an attempt to discourage parents from performing co-sleeping in any form. However, explaining to parents the detailed risks of co-sleeping would save more lives than broadly discouraging the behavior entirely, and allows parents to make more informed decisions on how to raise their children. One of the first major risks that can impair co-sleeping and infant health in general is the presence of a smoker, especially if it is the mother herself. Smoking is a major contributing factor to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) even outside of co-sleeping, as harmful materials can enter into the mother’s blood stream and into her breast milk, and second smoke can impair the baby’s development and breathing ability (Bartick, 2014). Another major risk with co-sleeping is how a baby is fed, with formula fed infants also being at greater risk for SIDS (Bartick, 2014). It is suggested that parents who will be using formula, either by choice or by necessity, may consider talking to their doctor about the risks. Finally, one of the broadest but most workable risks is the environment in which the sleeping is taking place. There are many variables that can happen and cause harm, but as long as a parent is educated on these environment risks it…

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