Why Canada Should Not Sell Water Essay

1332 Words Apr 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Geo Pod III CONS Good morning Madame speaker. Today I will be discussing the topic of why Canada should not sell water in bulk exports to other countries. The four points I will be discussing today will consist of: environmental consequences, economic instability, the free trade agreement, and water’s renewability. Water exports are a recurring, ever-controversial theme in Canada. Canadian public opinion has always reacted negatively to the idea of selling our most precious natural resource to others. However, rapid industrialization and technological developments have brought about a world where freshwater reserves are dwindling and consumption is higher than ever. The looming prospect of climate change and its possible effects on the availability of freshwater resources pose serious threats to our ability to ward off the growing pressures to export our water to other countries. My first reason as to why Canada should be opposed to selling water in bulk exports is because of the harmful environmental consequences of large scale water extractions. Large scale diversions would involve major changes to the natural environment, precisely widespread flooding caused by the interruption of river flows and the transfer of life forms between different basins. Although the ultimate consequences of these changes remain uncertain they will be irreversible once the diversions have been carried out. In addition, scientists warn that withdrawing extensive amounts of water from water…

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