Why Business Should Be Concerned About Social Sustainability Essay

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Why business should be concerned about social sustainability?
I was going over the Internet and I received on social sustainability and in particular, regarding its meaning. It is about a process for creating sustainable, successful places that improve wellbeing, through understanding what people need form the places in which they live and work (Wikipedia.com). Social sustainability includes many aspects such as labor rights, social responsibility, human rights and so on. So I started considering and thinking why business should be worried about social sustainability. I began researching this topic on the Internet.

After I look through the websites, I found that there are several reasons to explain why business should be concerned about social sustainability. Firstly, company can save costs when they do more about social sustainability. I found a document written by Reyna who is a project manager of Corporate Partnership Program. She reported some companies including McDonald’s, Verizon and Target used the identify ways to come true the aim of slashing electricity and gas use for saving costs. Secondly, when corporates be green, they would attracting more customers to create new profits. I think whether a company is social sustainability or not, it decide customers’ loyalties for the corporate. I reflect that when I get my degree, I will be an employee. So I pay more attention on employment factor on a company’s social sustainability. I found a study by Stanford University…

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