Why Boys Don 't Play With Dolls By Katha Pollitt Essay

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3In the article entitled “Why boys don’t play with dolls”, writer Katha Pollitt criticizes the feminist movement in America by stating that although the feminist movement has helped many women, it has failed to “ turn America into a playground free of sex roles” Pollitt claims that the best way to ensure that men and women are not anchored by sex roles in our society, is to make changes in the American family home. Pollitt’s article shines light on many social issues such as, media influences, parental influences, gender role confusion, sexism, and social acceptance.

13Media influences are everywhere from billboards to magazines to Television and music. The American culture would not be what it is today without Media influences, the average American child is raised by their flat screen TV’s. Some parents just don 't have time for their children and the parent that are attentive cannot stop their children from being brainwashed by words spoken on the Television and radio. Parents cannot cover their children 's eyes form images in magazines showing beauty as a pale woman who look like she has missed a meal or two, or three. How does our society expect young girls to respect themselves, when women are always being sexualized on television and in music. Parents try to teach their sons to respect women, but it seems impossible when all you hear on the radio are rappers calling females hoes. How can you expect young girl to respect their own bodies when pop artists are wearing…

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