Patagonia Field Course

1. Why are you interested in the Patagonia field course?

Last fall, I was elated to transfer to Cornell from my community college in Ann arbor, Michigan, where I received my Associate Degree in Math and Science. At my previous college, I had so many incredible opportunities to learn about the anatomy, physiology, and obscurities of every phylum, through dissections and field work. As my knowledge and respect for wildlife and conservation grew, I was given the opportunity to be the cartographer and artist for the Washtenaw Community College Nature Trail that was put into place this year for education and conservation efforts in the natural habitat for the many species that surrounds the campus.

When I transferred to Cornell, I was ready
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I have two fur-babies (dogs) that live with me in my off-campus apartment; Lucy the French Bulldog and Bruno the English bulldog mutt. Growing up though, I think I brought in almost anything that moved. When I was young, there was an emaciated Robin chick that I brought in and cared for once I waited a day to conclude that it had been abandoned. I observed and was a sidekick to the birthing of kittens when in 4-H. I have owned and cared for a variety of parrots, doves, and a “dove” that a friend brought to me to care for that turned out to be a white pigeon. I’ve owned a guinea pig, lizards, a Rose-haired tarantula named Fluffy, and a lot of fish. I had 14 painted turtles living in my bedroom at one point as well as one baby snapping turtle. Growing up, I would fish (and always throw back) and go snake hunting to find new species I’d never seen with my Grandpa. My passion for all animals developed onward from …show more content…
I experienced traveling to Nicaragua vicariously through my husband this past January and know some of the steps to traveling into South America. I have done a fair amount of traveling within the USA, however! I have hiked Arches National Park in Moab, Utah and have hiked a mountainside in Park City, Utah. I was a Civil War reenactor for about 15 years growing up and know what it’s like to have to make your own fire pit, shop wood, keep a fire going, and cooking your food over a fire, and keep up with signs of dehydration in myself and others. I can pitch a tent and know some of the basics of keeping a campsite safe. I’ve gone camping countless times and went to summer camp almost every year growing up. This semester, I am also taking a field ecology course that should sharpen my outdoor

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