Essay on Why Are You Interested At The Patagonia Field Course?

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1. Why are you interested in the Patagonia field course?

Last fall, I was elated to transfer to Cornell from my community college in Ann arbor, Michigan, where I received my Associate Degree in Math and Science. At my previous college, I had so many incredible opportunities to learn about the anatomy, physiology, and obscurities of every phylum, through dissections and field work. As my knowledge and respect for wildlife and conservation grew, I was given the opportunity to be the cartographer and artist for the Washtenaw Community College Nature Trail that was put into place this year for education and conservation efforts in the natural habitat for the many species that surrounds the campus.

When I transferred to Cornell, I was ready to learn more about wildlife, conservation, and how to help manage dwindling populations of endangered species. Though I have learned a great deal about domestic species, I feel the educational resources available for those interested in wildlife biology and conservation is lacking in the Animal Science department. I have taken all I can to curb this appetite to learn more about wildlife by taking the Exotic Avian course, Insect Behavior, Comparative Mammalian Reproduction, Field Ecology, and have sat in on a semester’s worth of Ecology and Evolution classes that didn’t fit perfectly into my schedule.

So now I am a senior and fear that I will graduate from Cornell without obtaining what I desired and dreamt of when I saw I was accepted…

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