Essay about Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together?

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Being who you are, and how others view you, plays a huge role in how your life may turn out. One’s race, identity, culture, and more determines whether or not he or she would be on superior to society, and if he or she should receive that best in life. If one is Black, Latino, Asian, or Hispanic, he or she has to be twice as good in order to be accepted by those on top of the food chain. This is also true with one’s class. If one is poor working class or middle working class, he or she has to strive and fight his or her way to the top in any possible way he or she knows how. Beverly D. Tatum, author of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race, and Patrick J. Finn, author of Literacy with an Attitude, both have similar views on race, identity, and culture. Tatum and Finn both agree with the points of staying true to one’s identity, education and the importance of communication.
An individual’s identity defines who he or she is. But there are multiple aspects that make up an identity. Identity can be comprised of an individual’s characteristics, his/her culture, and his or her race. However, these aspects can be used against the individual by the dominant culture, which is not of the same race and sees itself as being more powerful. Tatum speaks about language being an important bond to identity, and how it carrying cultural values and attitude. As young Latinos who migrate to America, try and learn English, they are…

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