Why A Marriage Ends And Characteristics Placing Individuals At Risk For Divorce

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focused on the reasons why a marriage ends and characteristics placing individuals at risk for divorce. Getting married at young age is one of the main predictors of divorce, because young people are still developing and more likely to change their minds in “unanticipated directions” (p. 36). For this reason some couples tend to cohabit so to avoid the risk of divorce, because living together [to some couples] before marriage help to evaluate compatibility for marriage and expand a better understanding of a new living arrangement. For instance, couple can learn more about their partner’ habits and figure out whether their relationship is strong or weak. Despite the advantages of cohabitation, Pamela J. Smock and Wendy Manning (2010) revealed that cohabiting might not a good solution to reduce the risk of eventual divorce. In their article of “New couples, New Families: The Cohabitation Revolution in the United States,” Smock and Manning noted that cohabited couples are more likely to have lower income than married couples. They also emphasized that only 34 percent of cohabiting couples announce a plan to marry while the remanding two-thirds who enter cohabitation are not engaged or do not get married. And so, what is another reason for that? Money matters. Indeed, family finance is seen as an issue increasing the amount of stress in family lives. To support and give their families a better life, couples have to work hard as some have more than two jobs. With that said,…

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