Who Was Genghis Khan? Essay

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Who really was Genghis Khan? Was he just an emperor of Mongolia who didn 't deserve his spot, was he the first person to come close to world domination, or was he just a man trying to enjoy his life? One may think that Genghis Khan was a brutal murderer who cared about nothing but his empire but many don 't see that he was a ruler its his job to be vicious and take care of his empire and expand even if it means killing 11% of the world population or 40 million people. Many also don 't know about his rough childhood with his father being poisoned and his family being banished and many other hard things that occurred to him. And even though Genghis Khan ruled by fear instead of respect, he was able to take over most of Eurasia by uniting nomadic tribes, he also had more advanced weapons than his enemies, but overall his military strength made his empire the size it became by the use of his techniques and the large size of his army.
Genghis came to power after him uniting many of nomadic tribes in northeastern asia, this included raids or invasions of many dynasties including invading into the Jin, Xia, and a couple others. After uniting them he gave them the ability to join him or die which many choose to join him. Even though this may sound like a bad guy thing to do he did give them a lot of benefits of joining him some of which are expression of free religion, poor were exempted from taxes, and he would promise safety to all. But with making promises like that he would be…

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