Who Was A Hegelian Like Myself? Essay

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I was born in the city of Trier in Germany on May 5th 1818. I attended the University of Bonn at the age of 17 with the idea that I would study law, seeing as my father was a lawyer. I began to form relations with Jenny von Westphalen, who would later become my wife. Her father, whom I looked up to, heavily influenced me in the realms of politics as well as literature.
My father moved me out of the University of Bonn to the University of Berlin, where I began to focus on Hegelianism. The concept behind Hegelianism was “the rational alone is real”. Ludwig Feuerbach, who was a Hegelian like myself, influenced me into this ideology. I found great intrigue from the dialect spoken by Hegel however; I constantly questioned the idea of this philosophy. I began to form my own hypothesis that the base of reality is in the economics. Contrary to the focus of Heigel’s philosophy, I saw that civil society was what needed concentration most rather than on the state in order to attempt to understand the development of the human race. I received my doctorate along with my works on atheism and materialism.
The path to finding a publisher to recognize my works was difficult. It was so because of the political radicalness I expressed. As a result I found myself moving to Cologne, which hosted many who voiced strong liberal opposition like myself. The group, which came out of the area, Cologne Circle had been the first to publish one of my pieces. In this work I had defended the freedom of…

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