Essay on Who Owns the Ice House

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Cindy Amadi
Professor Theresa Wallace
September 6, 2013

1.) What did you find to be some key themes in this book? (Please list and describe at least 4).


a.) Choice – The power to choose is a fundamental concept of an entrepreneur’s life. Our environment can affect the choices we make. We tend to respond to our circumstance by choosing the way by which we respond. One can choose to give a positive or a negative response to their environment. The choice we make is what determines the outcome of our lives. “The mark you make today will show up tomorrow”.

b.) Opportunity – Opportunities pose as problems in disguise. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers; this skill is what gives them hindsight to
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3.) What challenges do you think you will need to overcome to be successful academically in college? What themes from this book may help you to overcome these challenges? Why?

Answer As a freshman, college life poses to seem difficult. I would be faced with the college life poses to seem difficult; I would be faced with the challenge on how to set my priorities right, I would have to learn how to manage my time right to follow up with academic schedule and since I now stay alone I would also have to learn to be self motivated and how not to relent no matter the difficulty I am faced with. Here, I would initiate the law of persistence which would enable me overcome these challenges and forge ahead; by setting my goals right to achieve success, I would have to be determined and apply perseverance. Also, the choices I would make on setting my priorities right would determine the level of my academic success. I would also like to be known as an industrious student who turns in their assignments on time and obeys the code of conduct there by building a good brand name for myself although this would not be so easy, I hope to work towards it an initiate the brand lesson in my college life. I also want the college to pass through me not just me passing through it. I would work towards craving knowledge and understanding and not just turning in my assignments. I would want to put in more efforts and create a goal to learn through

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