Who Is The Power In Lord Of The Flies

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The Savage of the Island

There are many ways to gain power, but the way power is gained reflects how the leader is. The novel of Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a story of a group of british boys who become trapped on an island during World War II. The boys are forced onto a plane not knowing each other. Tragically, there is a storm that causes the plane to crash and the death of the only adult, the pilot, leaving them trapped on the island with no adults. While on the island, a civilization is formed. In Lord of the Flies, a character, Jack, is power hungry, savage, and brutal which creates conflict on the island throughout the story.
Ever since the beginning of the story Jack was the one who always wanted the power to be leader.
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The savage of the island starts to be created. After being unsuccessful of acquiring meat “They were used now to stomach aches and chronic diarrhoea”(Golding 59 ). Jack and the hunters go and hunt for the meat of a pig again. This time painting his face with white/red clay and black charcoal creating a “mask of a savagery” to represent how Jack is changing. Jack has been obsessed with hunting and killing a pig. With madness in his eyes and face Jack says, “‘I thought I might kill”’ (Golding 51). After relentless attempts to kill a pig Jack and his hunters finally manage to trap a pig when they “‘[...] got in a circle”’ (Golding 69). Savagely, the boys chanted, “‘Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood”’ (Golding 69). Jack’s savagery is rubbing off onto the other boys. The rubbing off of savagery creates a problem for Ralph because it starts to mess with his leadership. At the time of the killing of the pig, a ship shows up. All because of Jack’s obsession of killing pigs the fire for the smoke signal goes out and the ship goes by not noticing the boys trapped on the island. Jack selfishness lead to the failure of the boys being rescued at that time. Ralph’s voice shakes yelling towards Jack saying, “‘There was a ship. Out there. You said you’d keep the fire going and you let it out”’ (Golding 70). Jack’s actions have been the cause of almost every single problem on the island so

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