Who Is The Internal Doctor? Essay

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D.Natsagdorj who was a renowned writer of Mongolia told us during the many years, Without debt is the rich and without disease is the happiness. Ever since I was little, I always want to help everyone and give them certain tasks to do. At a high school, I was chosen to be a class sanitarian organizer who is given the job of helping a teacher examining the sanitation and who have to lead and organize out-class events such as hand sanitation, charity event, and outdoor activity. In this position, I had been picked for four years consequently until I graduate; in a result, I have learned how I could organize all activities well. From then until now the situation hasn 't changed very much. Yes, I am Mongolian and, I have graduated from Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences as a general doctor in 2015. From my point of view, my next goal is that I want to be the internal doctor also more specific profession cardiologist. On the other hand, in order to achieve my final goal, I have to be a high ability and attitude; also, I think that a doctor would be good professional ethics.
During the to study, I have participated lot clubs or associations of the student of medical. One of them is “Endocrine” students club; since 2009 our mentor teacher of the department and we have been organizing the preventive health screenings in 14th of November, which is the diabetes day of the world every year. The various people of society have attended for screenings, and we observed…

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