Who Is The Doctor? Essay

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“With so many different medical specialties it 's easy to feel confused by the number of people who come into your hospital room to check on you. Sometimes your doctor may show up along with a whole bunch of medical students. Other times you may not recognize the person leaning over your hospital bed.
Don 't hesitate to ask questions if you ever find yourself looking at someone and thinking, "Well, she has a badge, but who is she?" It could be the person is a specialist and your regular doctor sent her (or him) to check on you. Or it may be that the person is the doctor on call who is covering for the doctor you usually see.
Here 's a guide to some of the experts who care for patients in the hospital:
Attending physician. This is the name given to the doctor who has completed training and is in charge of your care. An attending physician might supervise a team of medical students, residents, and fellows — which means that he or she may bring other people on rounds to visit patients.
Doctor on call. Your doctor can 't work all the time. The doctor on call is a physician who covers weekends, evenings, and other shifts when your doctor can 't be there. Doctors on call are there to answer questions and cover emergencies.
Fellow. A fellow has completed medical school and residency training, and is getting additional training in a particular subspecialty, such as heart surgery or kidney problems.
Hospitalist. Hospitalists are attending physicians who only care for patients who are…

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