Who Is The Client Religious Belief? Essay

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Client who has strong religious belief from you…what would be some of the most important elements to be considered during the initial assessment, and why.
The client religious belief should take into consideration, but it should not affect my ability to provide any treatment to the client. As a rule, I should not allow client religion to be conflicted with mine since it’s them that I am solely healing. Perhaps it might sound somewhat condescending, but integrating religion does not mean I should impose my own values on clients. In contrast, I should be prepared to discuss and address clients’ beliefs only if they are adamantly against mixing religion or spirituality with treatment. Example, once there was a middle Eastern patient admitted to the hospital for internal bleeding due to a car accident. The patient was pregnant during the hospitalization but refused surgery since it is against her religion. I personally think only such imminent situation where religion is necessary to discuss, otherwise it would be too difficult for counselor to keep their own beliefs out of the conversation. Nonetheless if I must consider religion, I think its best to look at:
1. How it may help to see a more holistic and complete theory
2. Look into the completion of understanding the client and their values
3. Be aware that my cultural background, attitudes, values, and biases that might influence my ability to treat the client
2. Apply RCID model that would work with Asian clients who are in…

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