Who Is Mort Laitner's A Hebraic Obsession?

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Register to read the introduction… In A Hebraic Obsession, Mort Laitner invites reader’s on a journey from his childhood to adulthood. The book focuses on his father’s experience during the Holocaust, and how an event that occurred years before the author’s birth, had a major impact on his childhood. I recommend this book to readers because it’s educational and filled with information about historical figures and events that occurred during the Holocaust. The reader gets a vivid picture from detailed descriptions given by the author. Although I recommend this book, I must advise readers that the book contains sexual contents. I found some of the sexual contents to be hilarious, while others were a little unappropriated. Overall, the book teaches us the message of philosopher Viktor Frankl, in that our lives have meaning regardless of the circumstances we’re …show more content…
The book suggests that Mort never asked his father questions about his experiences during the Holocaust because he was afraid that he would be over stepping his boundaries or might induce horrible memories that his father dealt with for years. Mort also believe that maybe his father was simply protecting his family from seeing a side of him that he regretted. Luckily for Mort, his father did an interview about his experiences during the Holocaust, and the tape was sent to his home after he passed away. Mort would learn about his father’s life in the concentration camp from the interview, books he read and other published work that spoke of his father. The message of natural law from philosopher St Thomas Aquinas shown throughout the book, in that God is perfectly rational, giving a possible reason why Mort did not hear his father’s story earlier in life. Perhaps God saved it for a later time when he would truly value and appreciate his father’s

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