Who Is An Person Will Be Good Or Evil? Essay

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In the past and present the world has had many political figures that are either famous for their success or their cruelty. Their success and actions comes from their level of empathy. According to Merriam-Webster empathy is the ability to understand, be sensitive to, and experience the feelings of another. In looking for the level of empathy among the leaders I researched their upbringing, life circumstances/experiences, and health come in to play when developing empathy. It is debated whether or not a political figure needs a higher level of empathy or not. They are required to make important decisions for their people, which would require either logical or empathetic thinking. Together, the findings show that the early development of a person strongly influences the decisions they make later in life. Early development can determine whether a person will be good or evil. Throughout my research it is clear who is good and who is evil, depending on their level of empathy.

Levels of Empathy among Political Figures:
Cause and Effects Numerous studies have been conducted on how upbringing and experiences develop who a person is. To further understand why certain political figures, do what they do, the following should be examined:
1. Birth place
2. How they were raised
3. Family dynamic
4. Health
5. Education
6. Political career
These aspects combined will explain the level of empathy they have. To keep it balanced, there will be an examination of different levels…

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