Who Is An American? Essay

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The definition of what it is to be an American varies from person to person. The development of what it is to be an American to you can come from life experiences, goals, and simply the feeling of desire. Presenting to the table of the world your personal characteristics and contributing these to achieve self-fulfillment is what being an American is all about. As a woman, going into the medical field, the job requirements I must adhere to become even broader. I am to be mentally and physically strong for the days of 12-hour night shifts and the never-ending list of patients. Also, I obtain empathy for the families I deliver bad news too. Lastly, I am composed of the desire to better myself and reach my highest goals throughout my life, whether that being a yearly salary or furthering my education. Therefore, being an American to me is possessing educational, utmost ability, and compassionate qualities that will play a part in society.

Educational Quality:
Education is something that is required for most highly ranked careers. However, college is just one way to receive an education. You can participate in learning a trade or a hobby, or even as simple as life lessons. My personal idea of education is going to the traditional route of college and receiving the degree for the occupation I desire. With my goal of being a Nurse Practioner in the neonatal intensive care unit, this requires the completion of high school and 6 years of college. Furthering my education beyond…

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