Who Has The American Dream? Essay

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Anyone who has ever embarked the American dream must know that they are an impostor, in the sense that you cannot become who you want to be by remaining what you are. Every immigrant like myself who has ever set out to leave his country for a better life, all the ambitious dream chasers, and foreigners of well developed nations seeking education in America should first know how it all works. For the majority of my childhood, I always felt that American born non-first generation college students had an advantage over everyone else in understanding how college worked and how life would be like. Of course there are those that choose not to attend or dropout but that was a choice made by them, when they could have been anything and at a scholar at it also. I am a firm believer in the reality that college is potentially possible for anyone but we decide to take that for granted and eliminate ourselves due to our life desires or circumstance.
Fortunately for me, my parents being Africans and understanding that there are so many struggling for the same opportunity I have received to an education, they did not want me to forsake such an opportunity and encouraged me to aspire to be somebody educated someday. Every day as a kid I was told clichés like I could be whatever I wanted to be, that anything was possible, and to dream big because the sky is the limit but like most of us I discovered different for myself in adulthood. You cannot be everything that you once wanted but as…

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