Who Do I Know? Essay

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Who do I Know? The sun’s rays glisten into my room. The curtains are no match against its glow. My eyes open swiftly. I get out of bed and proceed to the bathroom. I then brush my teeth and splash water at my face to wake myself up. Usually my mother wakes me up the morning, but she didn’t today. It isn’t the weekend. In fact, it is nearing the end of my fifth grade year. I walk into my parents room to inquire what is happening today. Why did the routine change? I see my dad has already left for work. I then turn my head and look at the clock and realize I am late for school. Normally my mom would be rushing to get to work but instead she is just sitting upright on the bed. I saw her saddened eyes and her slouched back. I noticed the dark aura surrounding the room because of the lack of sunlight. Ordinarily I would have ignored the westward direction my parent’s room faces but it seemed darker than usual. It was as if the shadows were confined to that small space. I utter the question “Is something wrong?” My mom turned to me and responded with the answer: “your grandfather passed away over the night.” I wasn’t immediately filled with emotions. After a hesitation to my mom’s response, I replied how sorry I was to hear that. He was my grandfather but even after hearing the news of his passing I didn’t feel much. How could I not be filled with grief for my own blood? I guess I never really knew the man. Instead of emotions for the loss, I was thinking of the few…

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