Essay on White Privilege At A Young Age

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To acknowledge a superior advantage is the first step to changing the world. Majority of white people seem surprised at the fact that there is still a divide between races in modern times. They’ve taken the pretentious viewpoint of claiming that they don’t ‘see race’ that they just ‘the person’ and while that might be what most activists are striving towards in modern times, all that really means is that they are benefiting from the privileges of being white. It is almost impossible to relate to someone who is struggling because of their skin color when the privileged have never had to face such unfair and unjust effects because of the way they look. I am white, I am female, and those are facts. I have one advantage, being white, and one disadvantage, being female. I was taught about white privilege at a young age and I was always aware I advantages because I was a pale, bright-eyed girl. I have never experienced the kind of racism that people of color do, and I doubt I ever will, and it’s all because I am white. White privilege is demanding the hash tag #blacklivesmatter become #alllivesmatter because it is a refusal to acknowledge the fact that a minority group is just as important and that for once, it is not about the ostentatious struggle of whites, but about finally admitting and recognizing the struggle that comes with being a person of color. For people to pretend not to know or understand that white people are privilege is insulting to those fighting for equality.…

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