White On Black Violence During The Era Of The Civil Rights Movement

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White on black violence- then and now, it hasn’t changed much. White on black violence was a major issue during the era of the civil rights movement in the 60’s, as well as continues into today’s society. Since the 1950s and 1960s Violence has been heavily brutal on African American, until today violent crime, especially homicide, is a burden that falls heavily on African American, for example, the case of Emmett Till in the 1955 and the Shooting of Michael Brown in 2014. In addition to these murders, violence that involved arrests, jail beatings, lynching, and church burning. Racial discrimination had depressed blacks of decent jobs and schools and even from their basic rights of citizenship, including voting. White intimidation and violence, including lynching, remained an ever-present threat. The national public exposure brought about essential change. Then white Americans used rhetoric strategies including, logo, pathos, and ethos use as a powerful instrument of a rhetoric device to persuade the people that the violence they had on blacks was because of the black people’s action.
The most common clarifications of the relatively high levels of violent crime have been among blacks continually when slavery began in America since 1619, white on black violence was exceptionally brutal at that time, continuing 1955 by showcasing the case of Emmett Till. Although slavery and segregation had an end in the United States, but violence still existed since that day. Black still…

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