Whippoorwill Poem Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… He illustrates this by writing, “It is good to wake early in the high summer with work to do.”(lines 18 &19) The whippoorwill also seems relieved in that he no longer has to face the daily fatigue he once did. There seems to be a bond shared between the speaker and the whippoorwill that exists through the mind and heart of the poet. This daily cycle of love and reassurance is executed magically between the two. The poet and the whippoorwill share a mutual relationship, knowing neither can easily survive without the other. The poet relies on the bird to wake him and start his day on the right foot, acting as a simple reminder that the family tradition needs to be continued. The whippoorwill, or the spirit of the grandfather, needs the younger and more able grandson to carry out the daily tasks required for the family’s

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