Essay on Where 'd You Bernadette By Maria Semple

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Where’d You Bernadette by Maria Semple is a novel about a woman who has a daughter and a husband. She seems to be a weird individual at the beginning, but as the story goes through, you find out why is acting that way. She ends up by escaping away and leaving her family; nonetheless, at the end everything gets together again. Maria Semple loves to compare family’s issues because in the entire book is writing about how the characters interact between them. Although, Semple seems to be a sophisticated author, the role of mother in WDYB is the biggest topic to analyze in the full story. In this novel, there are several mothers who can be valuable examples of the types of motherhoods. Bernadette’s motherhood can be the easiest precedent to notice in the whole novel. Bernadette is an unquestionably peculiar woman that her role of mother is definitely not an exception of her craziness. Even though Bernadette is an exceptional mother in the eyes of Bee (her daughter), she performs weird things to keep her daughter safe. For instance, in the scene when Bernadette drives to pick up Bee at the Galer Street School, when she evidently passes over Audrey’s foot. It was clear that she just wanted to pick up her daughter, but eventually the fact that she hurts someone makes her seem crazy. Bernadette loves too much her daughter; we can definitely see it in the entire novel. When Bee was born with her heart issues and Bernadette went to the incubator because she was all worried about it,…

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