`` Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Essay

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Adolescence is a time where girls transition from childhood to their young adult years. This is a time when girls are undergoing many changes and they look to many things for guidance. It is also a time where parents seem to worry most about their daughters. Parents have to watch their daughters grow up and become young women. In Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” and Sharon Olds’ “Pre-Adolescent in Spring”, adolescence is portrayed as something that is frightening to mothers, as well as something that is unknown territory for girls.
“Pre-Adolescent in Spring,” is a work that comes from a mother’s perspective. This mom is very terrified of the fact that her daughter is growing up. She is worried about all the moves that her daughter is making because she knows that her daughter will experience many things that she is not ready for. This poem portrays the daughter at a stage in her life where she is about to experience adolescence. When the mom says, “Through the door thin as a light freeze on the pond, my girl calls me out” she is expressing her daughter’s closeness to adolescence (Olds 69). Light freeze on a pond is a very fragile state. The ice is starting to form, but is not completely solid yet. This is how the mother in the poem is viewing her daughter. She believes that her daughter is at a fragile state in pre-adolescence that will become more delicate after she fully transitions into adolescence. Adolescence, like walking across a fragile…

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