When My Love Swears She Is Made Of Truth By William Shakespeare Literary Analysis

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In a world where facts are distorted, terror is courage, and anyone can create their own tale or story, is a place where people like Shakespeare, Rich and Randal are able to create verses that speak meaning. That is poetry. The poems, “When my love swears that she is made of truth” by William Shakespeare, “Storm warnings” by Adrienne Rich, and “Ballad of Birmingham” by Dudley Randal utilizes literary devices to create tone in order to transmit the author’s purpose of ignorance, valor, and fear.
William Shakespeare’s poem “When my love swears she is made of truth”, creates the tone of ignorance to symbolize unity within his marriage. Shakespeare uses irony in the beginning of the poem. The speaker accepts the truth of what she does, but prefers
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Therefore there is a chance for why Shakespeare creates the type of tone that resonates ignorance to maintain unity. In a biography written about William Shakespeare presents ideas and theories regarding Shakespeare’s love life. “between 1585 and 1592, he did not take his family with him. Divorce was nearly impossible in this era.” (“William”). For the most part of Shakespeare’s life he spent away from his family and his wife in order to work on his plays and written works. There were speculations about Shakespeare’s sexual orientation and about him having infidelities against his wife, Anne. Hence it interlocks with the lying to remain together in shakespeare’s poem. However, in Shakespeare’s life although he still has to remain conjoined to his wife, because spitting is illegal, they created an illusion of a perfect and happy family to hide the fact that their family was broken. Instead of lying to remain in love like in the poem Shakespeare lies to maintain his social imagine in his …show more content…
This is shown by the use of symbolism throughout the poem, but most importantly towards the end of the poem where the character is determined to face the storm upon her. “These are the things we have learned to do”(Arp ). The speaker is going through a harsh time both internally and environmentally. The speaker is talking about how people must be willing to move on because no matter how much time is extended or how much something is avoided in the past present or future, events will take place eventually. The storm signifies the obstacles one must overcome. The author sets the tone of valor to place both the reader and the speaker in the mindset that one must push through when barriers appear themselves in life to bring someone

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