When Did It Become A Board Decision On How I Spend Your Own Funds?

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I will address each of your questions and assumptions as you made them.

1. “When did it become a board decision on how I spend my own funds?”
A. The Board did not ever make a decision about how you spend your own funds, and I have no idea where you came to that erroneous conclusion. The Board’s decision is about fairness, timing and accuracy.
2. “I attempted to go through the board to let my opinion be known to the homeowners, my opinion differed from the board 's opinion so you denied me the ability to have the letter published.
A. I have never said that we deny you the ability to have your letter published. We are formulating guidelines to give ALL homeowners (that includes you) a forum to express their opinion in a fair and equitable manner. I told you that your letter, along with other letters will be considered for publication when we have formulated fair and reasonable guidelines. I never stated that we won’t print your letter; I advised you that the Board said “not yet”.
3. “Using personal funds to pay for an ad has nothing to do with the board, you already made up your mind.”
A. That is a conclusion for which you have no basis in fact. You can ask anyone that was at the meeting about the discussion and how we discussed and agreed on how to handle ALL letters. The discussion was thoughtful, unbiased, and its sole purpose was to achieve fairness for all. You and your letter were not singled out as you suggest.
4. Do I need to tell you I plan on…

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